Bootstrap 5 made simple

Open-source, clean, modern Bootstrap v5 template and starter kit. Deploy instantly beautiful pages on top of standards Bootstrap components.

All classics, already designed

Landing page, pricing, blogging, authentication, privacy pages, testimonials, and many more, are already designed. Focus on content first. And cut off weeks of design efforts.

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Admin CRUD

Create, Read, Update and Delete any resource. KPI are not the only drawns. The design of the admin dashboard is ready to be integrated into any full-stack web framework.

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UI yes, but also UX

Contrary to most Bootstrap templates, Bootiful tries to show how Toast and form validation are handled with Bootstrap, dynamically.

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Build and deploy Automagically

Gulp and GitHub Action are already configured. You get a ready-to-go website just in 2 minutes, literally.

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Above average Bootstrap template

Tiny but powerful

There are only 4 SCSS files, on top of standard Bootstrap v5 files. The code is small, therefore easy to dive in, and understand. Start to learn and use Bootstrap v5, in the easiest manner.


We tried to design each page mostly with black & white colors, and tons of empty spaces. So that it looks professional but beautiful. You will enjoy to build HTML page again.


Profit from the new Bootstrap v5 utility API, and build HTML page with utility classes. Gain confidence, time and effort for each HTML page, and learn a new way to maintain a design system.


There is an admin dashboard available, with classic Create-Read-Update-Delete action already designed. So that you can integrate this frontend-only template to your favorite fullstack web framework.


The directory structure is also tiny, and easy to understand, so that we hope this template is also a good way to dive in and learn Bootstrap v5. Comments should also help.


Profit from the enabled blog. There a page to list all blog articles, and each blog article has a carefully-studied vertical rythm and typography. You can publish your content from day 1.


Gulp and GitHub action are already configured for you. This mean you fork the project on GitHub, and you already have a deployed version of Bootiful publicly available.


This template is easy to customize. It doesn't change anything to the Bootstrap's default, so upgrading Bootstrap in your project will not be problem. Create easily your own new design should not be a problem.

Some testimonials

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