Bootiful started as I wanted to have a beautiful, uncluttered, modern and evergreen Bootstrap template. Something not linked to any "niche" tool, that wouldn't force me to use images, icons, or colors I don't want; and easy to extend or push in one direction or one another.

Something all the classics already embedded : FAQ, Pricing, admin, profile page, landing page, etc.

Something close to what could be "a default Bootstrap template" or "a raw Bootstrap template" or "a bare Bootstrap template".

After hours, if not days, of googling around, I decided to stop the search. I could hardly believe that nobody needs a simple, default Bootstrap theme, despite the fact that Bootstrap is the most used (S)CSS framework of the world.

So far, the closest available tool is simply the "examples" page of the official Bootstrap website : https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.1/examples

These examples stick to the official Bootstrap classes (of course), but

  1. They are not enough
  2. They completely lack of personality

Maybe this "empty design" or "lack of personality" actually is the essence of Bootstrap : the ability to be transformed into anything relevant for the business.

But what if you want to start your business today ? Would wait for weeks for a simple admin page ? A blog ? Maybe the best is to start with a decent enough template, close to the Bootstrap standard, that will always be able to be updated to the latest available version of Bootstrap.

This is why I built Bootiful : a kind of "default" Bootstrap theme for webapps. That gives you the ability to have a landing page without complicated icons, color set, or bloated html blocks. That gives you a decent admin panel, a good-looking user profile page, a distraction-free blog, and so on. The basics, made correctly for a first launch.

The project is completly free and open-source, so feel free to contribute, criticize, or add pages.

Have any questions or feedback? You can always reach me directly via LinkedIn.