All the work was made possible thanks to :

1. SCSS files

All work about SCSS files under the /sass folder is custom, however 99% of the rendered CSS is thanks to the incredible work of the core Bootstrap teams. However this project is not from the Bootstrap team.

2. Design

Panelbear Landing page, credits, FAQ, profile page are directly inspired from Panelbear

NextJS Parts of the black and white theme is inspired from the NextJS website

CodyHouse Some of the typography and vertical rythm in the blog articles is borrowed to Codyhouse

3. Librairies

3.1 Bootstrap Bootstrap 5.1 is the main library used in this projet

3.2 Tom Select Used by the create new User page. Tom Select is hosted on GitHub :

4. Others

4.1 Random word generator Random text generator helped to built the empty section.

4.2 Icons All icons are extracted from the free librayry Bootstrap Icons. At the time of writing, version 1.7.0 is used, any upper version should work for your project

4.3 Blog article Showcase The full style test was made possible thanks to the Ghost demo available here : A Full and Comprehensive Style Test, from Ghost.

Last updated: Nov 14, 2021. Updated section on intended uses.